Worst Medical apps

1. Apps That Promote Your Phone’s Flashlight As A Miracle Worker

Mobile Apps that are worst medical app claims to give you the accurate health results on using the mobile flashlight. In order to cure medical issues, without using any hardware connected device. FTC fined acne app for claiming to cure pimples by using flashlight in their app for 10 mins everyday. How can company claim to measure the Blood pressure, pulse rate, Glucose rate without any external meters and sensors connected. Such Ideas are bogus claims, Phones are really good at measuring your 4G not oxygen intake.

2. Apps that help you see better

There are worst healthcare app who claims that their product improve the eyesight. And marketed their product stating that their app is based on scientific research. There are laser surgeries, glasses, contact lenses that can help you see better. FTC fined heavily for the claim.

3. Apps That Detect Cancer

Cancer is no joke. but one company stated their worst medical app algorithm that users upload a mole’s picture in the app. and it would predict if the mole had characteristics and symptoms of melanoma. on the other hand fact is mobile apps can’t accurately detect cancer.

4.Apps That Promise The World But Deliver Nothing

There are worst medical app built to improve user’s brain activity, stress test, fitness level. and other far fetched ideas that simply aren’t true. The problem arises when the app is built on just idea, not the concrete proof. Once the app is built then the marketing messages are too high and loud. Eventually leads to its downfall of reputation.

Lesson Learned

The smart phone enough does not give any reliable data. you must have extra hardware to connect with. Apps claims to give the best result, but how can it be possible. professionals review the best rather than some mobile apps.

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