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Hey folks, As Software applications and their usage are in demand these days. Because it is easier to handle, and has easy to code process. Available in the clouds called ‘Python’.

Guido Van Rossum designed python as a programming language in the Netherlands during the 1980s. many domains use this language and for a lot things like

Web development and Internet development:

In Python , There are frameworks like Django ( that build secure and maintainable websites.) Pyramid (that makes the web development process easier, it is a microframework that helps to achieve big things.)

Server Programming

In this part, Server-side programming & Writing providing web applications used for websites and pages. (web frameworks, CGI scripts, content management system, web services.)

Client Programming

This One is for accessing the web, like using it. Using python like web browser and client programming services and many more.

Like Django and pyramid,  Flask and Bottle is also another microframework of python . It has no database, simpler to use, Flask supports extensions that can add application features. As if they were automatically implemented by themselves. Whereas a Bottle is designed to be light simple and fast. Python Standard library controls Bottle.

Companies like Pinterest and LinkedIn also use this application

There are many protocols in Python standard library.

  1. HTML and XML
  2. E-mail marketing
  3. Socket marketing and many more

Software Development

Many software developers use Python because its easier. They consider as a supporting language. For control and management of the software.


Scons is a software construction tool. Helps to build a scons is an easier trustable and faster way to build software.


Buildbot is software , that performs its jobs across various platforms. With its flexibility in integration, Version control, etc.

Apache Gump

Apache Gump is an Open source software, easy to use( where the copyright holder allows anyone to use and access for personal and Business purpose and Java projects.


Python programs work with numerical values and its installation process is easy and it is also simple to use. It has features like an Issue-tracking system for web and email address Integration.


Trac is another easy-to-use, free Open source software, project management, web-based, bug tracking system.

Education System

Python is the excellent and most convenient language for teaching. As there are numerous sources online that are available. For students who want to pursue and learn the language. Python can be combined with any other language. like C++ & C, Java. Data sciences and computer graphics are also taught.  

Python is also in the syllables. Books like Python programming, An Introduction to computer science, Practical programming.     

Uses of Python

Python is a scripting language. This is a programming language that has interpreted and translated into machine code. Unlike Python, Java script, Ruby these are all scripted.

Because of Automation in Python Processes like taking attendance became easy.

Business Application

As Python is easy to code it is also used in Business Applications. To develop ERP/CRM (Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management.)


Odoo is a software tool used for Business applications and it is handled through the Software. This includes various Functions like Manage Sales, Integrate services, Streamline Operations, Build Stunning Websites, Manage Finances, Amplify marketing, and many more.


Tryton is a easy to use computer software application . Based on Building ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning ) and it is complete open source programme.

Scientific and numeric

Phython is widely used in scientific and numeric terms in computing.


SciPy is a open source software in phython Library for calculating, mathematics, Engineering and in science with some packages like

  1. NumPy
  2. SciPy library
  3. Matplotlib
  4. IPython
  5. Sympy
  6. Pandas

Pandas is used for data analysis and manipulation. Its features are fast, flexible, powerful built on the top of the phython programme.


Ipython is programming language, and a command shell for computing in various programming languages. this one is Interactive in nature.

It’s Features are in the following.

  1. Introspection
  2. Shell syntax
  3. Tab completion
  4. Rich media history
Software Carpentry Workshop

  Software Carpentry is a workshop for research computing in basic lab skills. In 3 core topics.                          

  1. The UniX Shell
  2. Programming Language ( python or R )
  3. Git and version control

Desktop GUIs 

Graphical user Interface is type of a visual Indicator representations through which user interact to functions. Tkinter is phython’s de-facto standard GUI

Some of the toolkits available separately. These are the toolkits which will be considered as useful for ultimate python users.


wxpython is also a open source, Cross Platform library , easy to use GUI ( Graphical user Interface). It has set of phython extension modules and has Highly Functional Graphics, written in C++.


Kivy is a free open source python library for developing mobile apps. That makes user Interface such as multitouch application software. It can be used into various platforms of Android, ios, Linux, macOS, and Windows.


PyQt is a free software and a python binding of the cross-platform, Graphical user Interface toolkit.


GTK is also a free & open source cross platform toolkit for creating Graphical user Interfaces.

PyGobject provides binding for GTK, webkit GTK, Gstreamer, etc.

It supports in macOS, Windows, and Linux. Python for win32 extensions, provides access to many of the window application, programming Interface from phython

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